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8 night package April 18 -26 - Double Room


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Package includes: Breakfast daily April 18th 1st Sedder April 19th Lunch April 19th 2nd Sedder April 20th Lunch April 22nd Dinner April 23rd Lunch April 24th Dinner April 25th Lunch April 25th Dinner April 26th Lunch 3 day tours with English speaking professional guides, including entrance fees. Coffee and cake Supervised, exciting day camp program for children Spectacular evening entertainment for the entire family Outdoor swimming pool Lectures , Shiurim and Daf Yomi The VIPIsrael Pesach Programs are a complete package. Each day is carefully planned and full of exciting programs and events. We provide a full schedule of inspiring Shiurim given by renowned speakers and lecturers. Special programs and day camp for children that gives parents time to learn tour and relax. Guided tours on Chol Hamoed to exciting destinations around Israel. Live professional entertainment for adults and children every night of Chol Hamoed! Join the hundreds of satisfied guests and be part of VIPIsrael - Pesach 2011.