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Ahziv National Park

Ahziv National Park offers a rocky coast, lagoons, deep natural seawater pools, shallow man-made sea water pools and the remnants of an ancient settlement.   Nearby,  slightly offshore, are a number of small islands, the Ahziv Coast Islands, which form a nature reserve in themselves.  The islands are all that remain of a sandstone ridge and now only the peaks are above sea level.  The Park also contains the ruins from the ancient city of Ahziv, mentioned in the Bible as one of the cities belonging to the Tribe of Asher.  During early times, the purple dye produced from snails was an important income for the residents of this area.  In the Crusader Period, this area was called L'Ambert Castle.  It fell to the Royal Sultan Baybars in 1271.   Most of the ruins are from the abandoned Arab village of A-Aib and a few from the Crusader Period.

Opening Hours: April–June, September–October 8 A.M–5 P.M. July–August 8 A.M.–7 P.M.
Last entry one hour before above closing hour

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