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Ascent of Tzfat


A kind of year-round visitors' center, Jewish youth hostel, and religious retreat located in the most picturesque part of the old section of Tzfat, ASCENT OF TZFAT reveals as much of the essence of the Tzfat experience to the visitor as is assailable. The program includes everything from hikes through a scenic, fruit-tree lined wadi (a dry riverbed) in the Galilee, to genuine Kabbalistic studies and meditation, barbecues, a lively concert and the Tzfat mystical Shabbat experience, including baking your own challah and enjoying a Shabbat dinner in the home of a local family.

At any given time, you might find a group of a dozen students from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, or a bunch of volunteers from a kibbutz, mixed in with a summer family tour group from a temple in Oregon, plus a newlywed couple from Brazil and a lone searcher from Prague. The warm and friendly staff members are as competent on the trail as they are in the late-hour discussion sessions in the lounge, tea garden and porches.


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