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Old Tzfat Winery

Moshe Alon, the owner of this boutique winery, is not your average wine maker.  In 1996, he started on his wine making journey in his own home, in Tzfat's Old Jewish Quarter.  When he started to think about selling his wine commercially, he used 30-40 young boys to help with the unloading and stomping of the grapes, by foot!!!!!  Today, his winery includes state of the art equipment and aparatus and he sells more than 20,000 bottles of various wines every year.

Although most afternoons he is tending to his vineyards, most mornings he can be found in the winery where he is happy to give tours, wine tastings and a little explanation of the "mystical aspects" of wine making according to Jewish Tradition.  After all, this winery is located in Tzfat, the home of Kabbalah!

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