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The Azrieli Observatory

The Azrieli Observatory is situated on top of the Azrieli center, the biggest commercial center in the Middle East and one of the most popular shopping malls of the city. The center consists of 3 buildings – the Square, the Triangle and the Round – and on the 49th floor of the round building the highest observatory in the Middle East is open for visitors. The amazing panoramic views of Azrieli Observatory stretch from Ashkelon in the south to Haifa in the north.

After paying admission on the 3rd floor, visitors are taken up in a fast-speed elevator to the 49th floor. At the observatory you can rent telescopes and audio equipment to intensify your experience. You will also find a 3D film about Tel-Aviv, an audio guide describing major landmarks, temporary art exhibitions and a one of kind restaurant – “2C”.  The restaurant is kosher and the food is considered to be Mediterranean gourmet and usually gets great reviews; Just remember to ask for a window seat.

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